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Different Carpet Cleaning Procedures

The two main forms are Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture.

Hot Water Extraction (HWE)

HWE is now the most popular method of carpet cleaning. HWE is also referred to as Steam Cleaning.

The most common method of HWE is to prespray the carpet with a cleaning solution then agitate the solution into the carpet. The cleaning solution is typically permitted to dwell (5 to 20 minutes) on the carpet. Then the carpet is rinsed with hot water or using water as well as a neutralizing or encapsulating solution. Carpet prespray is usually a powerful cleaner. It is mixed into a sprayer and then sprayed lightly in the cleaner areas and heavier on traffic lanes and dirty areas of the carpet.

The main variables in carpet cleaning are cleaning solution, agitation, dwell time, and heat. The classic line is if you do not have as much of one the remedy is to increase the quantity or level of quality of a different one of the other factors. For illustration if you do not have a lot of heat in your rinse water you can make up for that by using more prespray.

Cleaning Carpet Spots.

Often something will be spilled on the a carpet that will cause a spot. Hot coffee Coke,cosemetics, mustard, and any spilled food will usually create a stain.

Ink, house paint, beauty products, and grease are a different type of stain that will generally require an alternative spotter to remove.

Red Stains may be one of the toughest stains to get up. Various carpets and rugs may end up being more difficult to accomplish getting some stains out than others.

Vlm Definition

The VLM method usually refers to cleaning a carpet with either a 175 rpm floor machine, a Cimex, or an OP (Oscillating Pad) machine and encapsulating cleaning solutions. ccuaw-2

The Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning usually refers to utilizing a 175rpm Floor buffer . The Cotton Bonnet is actually where Bonnet Cleaning gets it's name. A couple of very large national chains of carpet cleaners that based their system on Bonnet cleaning with a 175 rpm machine.

Cimex Floor Cleaning

The Cimex is a unique twist on the rotating head cleaner. It has three small heads that counter rotate to the direction of the main disk. It seems to be a regular 175 rpm floor machine however the agitation of the carpet is not the same. The Cimex is very popular for commercial cleaning.

Ocsillating Pad (OP)

The Ocsillating Pad machines look nearly the same as the 175 rpm floor machine but has a totally different action. The base of the unit vibrates and rapidly rotates in little small circles and rotates in a large circle also. OP machines do a very good job of scrubbing the individual fibers. It works very well on some carpets like Berbers and commercial carpet.

How Can Wickbacks be Fixed?

Wick backs are a problem with many carpets, especially with carpets that are glued down. Especially with Hot Water Extraction you can sometimes clean a carpet or rug and the spot will seem to be gone. As the carpet dries the stain will possibly return. This is caused by the wetness in the carpet is wicking up the carpet fiber and bringing the dirt from the carpet backing back up the fiber and onto the top of the carpet. Bonnet Cleaning, Encapsulating, and OP methods have very few wicking challenges.

Pet Troubles with Carpet

Usually with smaller Pet Urine problems you can saturate the problem area with roughly the same quantity of Urine solution, allow soak about thirty minutes and then extract. If a section of carpet has been badly abused by a pet again and again the capret pad and sub floor may be contaminated. The solution for this problem normally you will have to pull up the rug, put in new pad, paint over the sub floor with a special sealer. Often it will be best to to replace the carpet.

Encapsulated Carpet Cleaning There are new cleaning products available that are known as Encapsulating. How these these cleaning agents work is they break the dirt's bond with the carpet and dry to a flake. This flake will separate from the carpet fiber with regular vacuuming. These chemicals were engineered for the Vlm cleaners but often function properly utilizing Hwe also.

What are the Benefits of Vacuuming More Often.

Carpet is a great air filter for your home. Dust particles and dirt will normally be trapped in the fibers of carpet. Daily vacuuming will remove much of this dust and dirt. A lot of this dust will fall through the carpet and not come back up. Have you ever noticed how you do not find the dust-bunnies on a carpeted floor but you will get dust bunnies forming after only a day or two when you have hard surface floors. Much of the dust sits on the surface of your carpet and then will filter down when you walk on it.

What is most crucial element in Upholstery cleaning?

5 elements in cleaning carpet. Chemicals, dwell time, agitation, heat, the cleaning technician. If the equipment is working properly and the technician is proficient on how to work his equipment the most significant factor in getting your carpeting clean is the Technician.

20% of Most Household Dirt is Sticky

Several reports have established that around 20% of the dirt and grime in most carpets is sticky and will affix to the actual carpet fiber making it look dirty. The other 80% is dry and will easily be removed by vacuuming if it is still on top of the carpet. In the event that the dry dirt has been trampled to the bottom of the carpet it is not likely you will not have the ability to remove it from of the carpet. You are unable to get enough airflow to get dirt from the bottom of the carpeting up through the top fiber layer. What carpet cleaners are attempting to clean is the 20% of the sticky dirt that sticks to the fibers and makes the carpet look dirty.

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